Take My Hand

by Flip Morse



Flip Morse’s musical roots are founded in American and British pop rock. A self-taught guitarist with a background in classical piano, he became heavily influenced by the melodies and harmonies of the classic rock era.

Though his music today remains true to that tradition by weaving addictive melodic hooks into a rich vocal fabric, it introduces a fresh twist to the genre. One music business executive has described it as being full of "ear worms" -- meaning that, once you listen to it, you can't get the songs out of your head.

Flip grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He played in high school bands and later dropped out of college to form a Boston-based band called The Road Apples.

The Road Apples bumped around the Boston bar scene and the New England college circuit for several years, until their song "Let's Live Together" made the Billboard top-40 in 1975. Though their second single "Holding On" broke into the top 100, The Road Apples were soon eclipsed by their Cambridge friends and compatriots, bands such as The Cars and Boston.

Instead of Boston opening for The Road Apples, The Road Apples were now opening for Boston in the wake of their meteoric rise. Several years later, The Road Apples broke up, and Flip played with the Robin Lane Band (of The Chartbusters fame) and did some session work with Andy Pratt.

Flip went back to college and on to law school. From there, he headed out to Seattle to grind away in a big law firm. His lifeline to reality was playing in the band Neon Lips on weekends. After Flip's wife died at age 36 of breast cancer, leaving two infant children, he left the law and started working as an executive at a major video game company.

The pain and anguish of helping his wife through cancer and death rendered him unable to write or even play music for a couple of years. As he started healing from that experience, though, the flood gates opened and all the emotions arising out of it served as a font of inspiration for new material.

Flip's CD "Take My Hand" is the result of over two years of laying down songs in the recording studio as he was able to find time on weekends. Playing with him are the extraordinary musicians Ben Smith (drums), John Morton (guitar), Mike Lull (bass), and the legendary Danny Barnes (dobro).

Their collective efforts have created a CD that harks back to its classical rock roots, but offers a very fresh, new, modern sound -- deceptively complex, yet instantly accessible. Enjoy!


released November 1, 2010

Flip Morse: Vocals and guitar; keyboards

Mike Lull: Bass guitar; background vocals
("You Drive Me Crazy" & "Big Brown Eyes")

John Morton: Lead and rhythm guitar
(all songs except "Take Me Away" & "Big Brown Eyes")

Ben Smith: Drums

Jeff Hollingsworth: Rhythm guitar
("I Want To Hold You" & "Come Home To You")
Danny Barnes: Dobro
("You've Got To Live")
Jay Thomas: Saxophone, Trumpet
("Take Me Away")
Jenny Tuttle: Backgruond Vocals
("Hey" & "You've Got To Live")
Karen Tuttle: Clapping
("You've Got To Live")

All songs written by Flip Morse, except "Questions": by Dave Finnerty and Flip Morse, and Come Home To You": by Flip Morse and Sarah Morse.

All songs arranged and produced by Flip Morse.

All songs recorded at The Garey Shelton Studio and mastered at RFI/CD Mastering. Photography by Ben Kerns.

© Flip Morse 2010. All rights reserved. Made in CA


all rights reserved



Flip Morse Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Questions
I think deep down I must have known it all along.
Despite an undeniable spark, it just felt wrong.
Now I don’t want to see you cry no more than I wonder why these

Questions keep me up at night.
All of these questions make me wonder why.

These questions like, do I love her?
Do I make her my own?
Do I stay with her tonight, or do I go back home?
But I don’t seem to ever find the answers, so they come back as


Though I try and try, when I’m looking in your eyes, I can’t tell you no.
So, it goes on and on, though I know it’s going wrong.
There’s nothing I can do, ‘cept stay with you.

I really don’t know what I can do. I guess it means I’m gonna have to stay with you,
But I don’t know. No, I don’t know where to go to get away from these questions.

Now I don’t want to see you cry no more than to say goodbye.

Track Name: I Want To Hold You
Hear me out. I've got something to say.
Please don't go breaking my heart.
I know this ain’t normal, but what can I do ‘cept keep on playing my part?

It doesn't matter if anyone knows how we got to this point.
It feels so foolish, this anticipation, but god damn does it hurt.

When you lay your head upon my shoulder
Everything will be all right.
I want to hold you in my arms.
I want to love you all night long.

I want to hold you in my arms.
I want to love you all night long.

Don’t take it for granted, don’t make it your own,
The power to tear me apart.
You've gotta know you hold me in the palm of your hand,
So please don't go breaking my heart.

When you lay your head upon my shoulder
Everything will be all right.
I want to hold you in my arms.
I want to love you all night long.

Track Name: One Way To Go
He told you he would stand by you.
He said you were the only one.
But then he went and changed the rules,
And left you wondering what you could have done.

He never really let you in,
‘Cause he couldn’t let himself come out.
You gave your heart and soul to him.
Now everything you thought was real is not.

He took you for a ride, and I know you’re tryin’ to get back on your feet.
But you can’t go back in time, ‘cause there’s only one way to go.

So won’t you sit down by my side,
‘Cause it hurts to see you cry.
There’s nowhere left to hide,
No matter how you try.

So won’t you hold me now,
‘Cause I never felt this way before.
And won’t you show me how,
Show me what it’s like for you to give.
‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with you.
It had everything to do with him.

You got that magic in your eyes,
But he was blinded by something else.
No matter how hard you try,
You can’t compete with something in himself.

Track Name: Come Home To You
It's never been too clear to me what heaven would allow.
There's nothing really binding me to the here and now.
Sometimes I have this urge where I wanna go back home,
And sometimes I'm tired of feeling so all alone.

Nowhere is it written, and never is it said.
It’s something that you have to hold deep inside your head.
It’s something no one talks about, not even to their friends .
It’s something that'll stay with you until the very end.

I wanna come home, come home.
I wanna come home to you.

Well, there are times for feeling happiness.
There are times for feeling blue.
These days far too often I've been missing you.
It’s time for holding on to you and feeling your warm skin.
It’s time to put aside our fear and you to let me in.


Holding on to what you have as memories
Takes the place of resurrecting dreams.
You have to let it go, let it go,
If you don't want to be left all alone.

I feel like I've been drifting slowly down this stream.
Images rolling over me, like I'm in a dream.
So sometimes I have this urge where I wanna go back home,
Because without you, I feel so all alone.

Track Name: Such A Fool
You're such a fool. Everybody knows.
Look in the mirror-- it's in front of your nose.
You're such a fool. Can't you see?
Nobody's buying what you're doing to me.

No one's impressed with your fancy car,
Or that you know a famous movie star.
You waste our time telling all of your lies
Without a clue that nobody's buying them.

We’re not as stupid as you think we are.
We know you'd say anything to get your way.
You may win this battle, but you'll lose the war.
If only you could hear what people say.

You're the only one that thinks you're so cool,
While everybody's saying you're such a fool.
You use big words but they're always wrong.
We laugh behind your back and just play along.

It's so ironic that you really care
That everybody think of you just so,
‘Cause if you only knew what they really thought
You really really really wouldn't want to know.


Haven’t you ever looked in the mirror and in your reflection seen what we see?
I can't imagine how it must feel to have to live with yourself forever.

Track Name: I Won't Forget About You
I don't know much about you.
I don't know much about what you do.
I don't know much about anything other than the smell of your perfume.

Hypnotized by your green eyes
Shining out from your dark, exotic face,
Lying here in your feather bed with your pillowed head
Buried in black lace.

Take me down, and we will come together.
I promise that I'll take you too.
I never said I could stay, so I'll be on my way,
But don't look back, 'cause I'm not through with you.
I won't forget about you.

I start to feel like I'm drowning,
Like I'm drunk on your sultry gypsy vibe.
I'm addicted to your tender skin, like it's heroin
As you take me for a ride.

Track Name: Take My Hand
I can't feel proud about yesterday
No matter how I try.
And I don't think that it's our destiny,
Though I'm not sure why.

I want to help you to understand
That what you've seen is not the way it has to be.
I'll be your friend.
I'll be your man, so

Take my hand, and I will lead you through the darkness.
Take my hand when the world feels heartless.

We will leave behind your never-ending sorrow.
We will walk together into tomorrow.
Take my hand.

I feel responsible for everything that I didn't do.
I know you blame me for my apathy when it isn't true.

So I need you to understand
That what you’ve seen is not what it appears to be.
I am your friend.
I am your man, so


Feel the power that comes from speaking, from seeking.
'Cause it's the hour, the time for our return to healing and feeling we are one.

I know you think I've got my head in the clouds, and maybe I do.
But I find it hard to think it's really that bad when I look at you.

I've got to help you to understand,
I am your friend.
I am your man, so

Take my hand when you can't take it any longer.
Take my hand, and I will help you to get stronger.

When it feels as though the night is getting colder,
Please believe that you can lean on my shoulder.
And I will pull you up and ease your burden.
And I will take away your pain when you're hurting.

Take my hand, and you can come and tell me.
Take my hand when it feels overwhelming.
Track Name: Hey
Who is that girl in the black leather skirt? I wanna know her.
I wanna show her everything I could do with her tonight,
‘Cause the way she sends that smile to me
Is telling me that I want to say to her,
"I wanna take you home with me tonight."

Hey, Hey, Hey

I never saw her walk in the door. Who did she come with?
She's having fun with all of the guys but she's only looking at me.
It's been a long time since I wanted to be
With somebody who could set me free,
But I've got this feeling that my luck just changed tonight.

Hey, Hey,
I wanna take you home tonight.
Hey, Hey,
Who said lightning don't strike twice?
Hey, Hey, Hey.

I know it sounds pretty crazy to say but it really feels right.
She's stealing right into my heart, and her smile is gonna get its way.
‘Cause I've been here a hundred times before
And seen a thousand pretty smiles or more,
But none has captured me quite like yours.

Hey, Hey, Hey
You can't fall in love like this.
It never comes so quick.
Some things just take a little time before they happen,
But this one's got all the signs of lasting a long, long time.
Don't ask me where it all comes from.

-repeat verse 1-
Track Name: I Can't Keep Lovin' You
You took me on board and told your friends you'd found your “long time.”
You thought that this time you had really made a score
When all you bought was another heartbreak.

You took me by surprise.
At first I only saw your better side,
But you started rolling through your repertoire of lies
And thought I'd buy it like those other guys, but

I can't keep loving you,
Not the way that you want me to.
The fire's gone, and there's nothing I can do.

You had me all turned around so I couldn't see what was coming at me.
Then I found myself lying on the ground,
And felt my heart come crashing down, so


Oh my love, can't do anything.
Oh my love, it’s out of my hands,
So save your heart for someone who really loves you.

I told you not to hold out any expectations
But despite my words you've been wishing and hoping.
I know it's a bad situation,
But I think you'd better start looking elsewhere.

Track Name: You Drive Me Crazy
You've got that "pretty young thing" going on now.
You really know how to shake it all around.
You got a clue what you do to me, baby?
You make me want to make you go crazy.

You know I can't say no.
You've got me where you want me,
And you won’t let go.

I can't imagine where you got that attitude,
Standing there like you own the joint.
It's near impossible to stay very mad at you.
Talk about missing the point.

I can't keep my hands to myself.
No, it don’t get to go to anybody else,
'Cause you get me so hot, I think it's gonna melt.
It can't take the heat, and I need some help, 'cause

You drive me crazy every time I see you.
You drive me crazy with how much I need you.

You've got that look of a girl out on the run now,
Hanging ‘round in those motel rooms.
Tell me what else you do for entertainment
Than running 'round turning boys into fools.

I know I'm just one, and I don't care.
I'd do anything at all just to keep my share of
When you take me in your arms and hold me tight.
Never in my life has it felt so right, 'cause

Track Name: You've Got To Live
How do you know when it's the right time?
The time has come to let go
When you see things aren't moving the way they should,
'Cause they've lost their glow .

Well we stand with our feet in the water
Expressing words of devotion,
But they’re drowned out by the roar of the sea,
'Cause we're on different sides of the ocean.

You've got to live.
You've got to feel.
You've got to grab ahold of what is real.
You just can't hang around waiting with an open door
Living inside your dreams.

You've got to give yourself freely to the one you love,
And that's me.

I know you think things happen for a reason,
A plan that comes from above.
And I know you must think me a simple man,
'Cause I just call it love.

Track Name: Take Me Away
I was running like a mad dog,
Singing nothing but my sad song,
Just hanging on and trying to get through each day.
Streets were cold, and the wind was strong.
I was starting to come undone.
I told myself that this was here to stay.

So, take me away.

Felt like someone threw a blind hit.
Never saw it coming like this.
I turned around. I knew it when I saw your face.
Right away it felt like things had changed.
I knew this heart would never be the same,
And that without you, I'd go down in flames.

Come on and take me.
I'd go anywhere you said.
Just don't wake me,
’Cause I don't want this dream to end.
You know I’m yours for the taking
'Cause this heart is aching to mend.

Take me away.
Take me away.

Someone tell me how it all turned 'round,
Making up for all that lost ground.
My poor old heart was broken and afraid.
Then you walked into my life
With the stuff to make things right.
All you gotta do is take me far away.

Take me away.
Take me away.


(chorus 2:)
Come on and take me.
I'd go anywhere you say.
Just don't be faking,
Or you could drive me insane.
You know I’m yours for the taking.
I’m aching to come under your sway.

Take me away.
Take me away.
Track Name: Big Brown Eyes
We've got this secret that nobody knows.
Your neighbors see me come and go,
But not what goes on when we're alone in the night.

They've got no clue that I'm your lover.
We keep it under the covers,
Holding on to one another in the night.

I love your big brown eyes,
Soothing my troubled heart.
I love your big brown eyes,
Oozing that southern charm.

We really don't have anything in common,
And it's feeling quite alarming
To think that I can't keep from falling for you.


Sometimes it feels like we're spinning our wheels,
But then when I'm beginning to feel like it's hopeless,
I just look in your eyes.


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